Access Control Cable & Flexible Working

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Building automation systems are a vital part of facilities management and security, especially for buildings in use outside of standard business hours.
access control cable
With the right access control cable,your access control system quickly lets you know who is using the workspace and when, so decision making is much easier.

Because you know who is using the building and when, your building automation system can adjust HVAC and lighting systems to suit in rooms that are currently in use. Access control systems usually give a greater degree of flexibility and scalability when compared to standard lock and key methods.

Security is less of an issue with an effective access control system, for a number of reasons. Firstly, access control systems eliminate the need for a physical key which can be lost or copied. The keys for access control systems are usually electronic, meaning that electronic keycards or other access credentials can easily be reprogrammed. And that is much easier to do than changing a physical lock. And should the worst happen, the software for your access control systems should give you an audit trail, so you can easily see who was around at the time.

Even a good access control system is only as good as its connections, meaning choosing the right access control cable is very important. KNX cable is ideal for use in many smart home, building automation, and control applications, including access control systems.

Building Automation Cable

Our range of home automation cables includes KNX cable in 1 and 2 pair constructions, which is an ideal access control cable. For more information, contact us on 0115 9724483, or

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