Armoured Cable-Wire or Tape?

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There are a great many reasons why you would need armoured cable, but there are a wide array of armoured cables to choose from. So which method of armoured cable protection is best for your needs? First of all, it is worth understanding the difference between screening (or braiding), and armouring, as the two serve very different purposes. 
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Screening/braiding is primarily designed to protect the cable from outside sources of electromagnetic interference, or to protect other cables from interference from the cable that is screened. In some cases, screening or braiding is designed to give the cable some torsional strength. Armouring cable is designed to provide the cable with some mechanical protection to maintain its structural integrity, which means the cable can withstand higher stresses, is suitable for direct burial, and can be used in external underground and underwater projects.
Most armouring is made from steel, and can be in either wire (commonly referred to as SWA), or tape form. Other materials are also used to provide armoured protection to cables, including aluminium, but steel is the most common. SWA cable is made by winding solid steel wires of between 0.9mm to over 3mm diameter around the bedded cable in a spiral form.
Each individual wire is laid parallel to each other to give the desired coverage. This technique provides for one of the toughest forms of mechanical protection but it does have its drawbacks, most notably that it substantially reduces the cable’s flexibility and can be more difficult for installers to terminate.
Steel tape armour is popular amongst some installers, as it has high resistance to vermin and termite attack. It is also quick to manufacture, and is generally more cost-effective than SWA cable. Steel tape armouring is a popular method to protect some fibre optic cables. Tape armouring commonly uses two helically wound galvanised steel tapes, wound in the same direction. Steel tape armour can sometimes be used in a corrugated or interlocking fashion. This method can increase both strength and flexibility but it has the obvious drawback of also increasing price.

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