Composite Cables

Composite cables provide more than one type of cable within a single overall cable jacket. They are used where two or more individual cables would be required for the demands of the project.


For example, our SP7 composite is an ideal choice for CCTV use, with the RG59 coaxial cable used for signal transmission and two power cores to power the cameras. Using composites rather than various individual cables gives the cables greater protection, whilst reducing cable ‘footprint’, and making installation much easier, as only one cable must be installed.We supply a wide range of composite cables available for next day delivery, including both Coaxial and Power, and Coaxial and Data versions.


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The majority of our Composite Cables are available from stock for collection or delivery, and can be cut to length if required. All orders placed before 5pm can be delivered next day subject to confirmation at time of order. We are also able to provide bespoke composite cable products to customer specifications, subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us for more information.