Do You Know Your YY From Your SY?

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Do you know your YYs from your SYs?
Control and automation cables are commonly used as interconnecting cables for measuring, controlling or regulation of control equipment within assembly, production, lift and handling environments. But there are different types for different uses.

YY Cable

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YY cable is a multicore power and signal control cable with copper conductor, PVC insulation and PVC sheath. YY cables are most effectively used in situations with light mechanical stress due to their construction.

SY Cable

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SY cable is ideal where a control cable with mechanical protection is required and is often found on assembly and production lines. SY cables are similar to YY cables, but have a galvanized steel wire braid over the PVC sheath, and have a second transparent PVC sheath over the braid. SY cable is not suitable for external use as the overall sheath has little to no UV-resistance.

CY Cable

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If interference-free transmission is needed, then CY cable is often used. CY cables include a tinned copper wire braid, which works to protect the CY cable from both electromagnetic influences and mechanical stress (to a degree).
We supply a range of control cable compliant to VDE0250, including YY and SY cables from 2-5 cores with conductor sizes up to 6mm2 For more information speak to our sales team on 0115 9724483 or

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