Dark Fibre & BT Openreach

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Following a consultation earlier in the year, the communications regulator Ofcom has confirmed that BT Openreach must further open up its infrastructure to its rivals.
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Ofcom’s final review of the business broadband market sets out how Ofcom will regulate this market up to April 2021, and companies laying high-speed fibre cables will be able to gain greater access to BT Openreach’s ducts and poles.
Companies focusing mainly on the residential installation market were already able to use BT Openreach poles and ducts for their own fibre networks, but now the scope has been expanded to allow business broadband networks much greater access.
Ofcom have also confirmed that they expect BT Openreach to provide a ‘dark fibre’ service in areas where they face little to no competition. It is hoped that dark fibre will allow mobile and fibre operators to provide competition by reducing their installation costs.
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