Connectivity Accessories



As well as the HDBaseT approved category cables in our Webnet range, we offer a wide range of connectivity accessories, including patch panels, floorboxes, and the Cat6Plus and Gigaplus Cat5e ranges from BrandRex. Our Webnet range of connectivity products includes;

Patch Panels

We offer 24 and 48 port patch panels in 1 U and 2U versions, suitable for Cat6 and Cat5e use.

Shuttered Modules

Our range of shuttered modules includes 50 X 25mm (wall mount), and 38 X 25mm (LJ6C floorbox) versions.

Patch Cords

We offer both Cat6Plus and Gigaplus Cat5e stranded 4 pair RJ45-RJ45 patch cords from BrandRex.

Snap-In Jacks

Our snap-in jack range includes both the IDC ‘Tool-Free’ jack range from BrandRex, suitable for both Cat6 and Cat5e cables.


We offer both singlegang (86 X 86mm) and doublegang (86 X 147mm) faceplates, including faceplates with integrated shutters suitable for RJ45 connectors.

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For more information on our range of HDBaseT approved Cat5e and Cat6 cable and connectivity accessories, please contact our sales team on 0115 9724483, or e-mail