E Rated CT100 WF100 and RG6 Cable

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The PVC sheathed versions of some of our most popular and widely used cables are now Euroclass ‘E’ as standard. As the PVC-sheathed versions of our 5 core and earth WF cables are at Euroclass level ‘E’ already, this improvement is designed to bring most of the rest of our TV and satellite cable range up to the same standard.
E rated CT100
We now have in stock PVC-sheathed and ‘E’ rated versions of the following:

As mentioned, our 5 core plus earth WF100 multicore cable is rated at Euroclass level ‘E’, and has been since 1st July 2017. Our WF range of cables are the UK’s most popular coaxial cable type for TV and Satellite installations and is widely regarded as the highest quality coaxial cable in the market.
We provide a wide range of CPR-compliant cables, including higher Euroclass cables for demanding environments, such as the B2ca Cat6 Plus range from BrandRex. If you need E rated CT100, WF100, WCF100, or RG6, we can deliver them to you next day. For more information on our CPR-compliant cables, contact us by e-mail sales@webro.com or call our sales team on 0115 9724483.

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