Full Fibre Broadband

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Full fibre broadband is likely to receive increased investment under plans recently released by Ofcom (the UK’s communications regulator).

full fibre broadband

The ‘Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review 2021-26’ proposes a range of measures to enable the whole of the UK to gain from full fibre broadband, including regional variation of funding to ensure rural areas do not lag behind. As much as £5bn is likely to be made available to these rural areas.

Under these plans, Ofcom wants to cap to inflation the amount that Openreach charges retail providers for its entry level superfast broadband service, although faster broadband speeds would (at this stage) remain free from price regulation so as not to hinder the investment race between network operators.

Ofcom also plans to alter regulation on older copper networks to increase investment in fibre broadband, to give BT Openreach more support to switch customers to fibre.

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