Gigabit Internet Goes Mainstream

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Gigabit internet is currently available in around 40 countries throughout the world, with the number of providers increasing by approximately 70% since June 2016, according to a recent survey.
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The survey performed by Viavi has gathered publicly available data about current and planned gigabit deployments around the world, and has found that the United States currently has the most people with access to gigabit internet, with 5.4 million people able to access it (approximately 17% of the population). South Korea has the greates population coverage, with 95% of South Koreans able to access gigabit internet.
The survey also shows that 91% of these gigabit installations are based upon fibre, which is not unexpected. Cable accounts for just over 5%. Cellular connections currently account for around 3% of gigabit internet connections, although a number of carriers are close to field trials of 5G technology, which could mean that gigabit cellular connectivity becomes more widely available soon.
Requirements for gigabit internet connections are unlikely to stop increasing in the near future with greater demands placed upon connections by streaming video and audio, and most notably the requirement for ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ homes with IOT-capable technology.

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