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<strong>‘The greenest building is the one that has already been built’, says a new Government report.</strong>

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The recent ‘Building Better, Building Beautiful’ Commission report has been released, and is intended to encourage greener practices in the built environment sector.

Currently it is cheaper for tax reasons to demolish an existing building and then rebuild rather than retrofit it with newer and greener technology. This is despite the obvious impact that demolition and construction have on the environment.

Rebuilding can use up as much as ten times the CO2 that refurbishment can, and the ‘Building Better’ report states that ‘even at the most energy efficient specification possible, the new build would take over 100 years to catch up’.

For people looking to retrofit existing buildings to make them greener, building automation systems are key. Automating a building’s heating, ventilation, and lighting processes means the building can ‘learn’ usage patterns and adjust energy consumption to align with building and room occupancy.

The KNX open protocol is ideal for building automation as it enables all components of the system communicate via one common language, whether sensors, controllers, interfaces. Or cables, such as our KNX cable.

Webro home automation cables are available for next day delivery, including both 1 and 2 pair KNX cable suitable for heating, air conditioning, lighting, access control, and a range of other smart building applications.

We also stock lighting control cables, including a Lutron equivalent cable with LSZH sheath. For more information, contact 0115 9724483 or

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