Power Over Ethernet Cables

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Cable is usually the least appreciated part of any security system, even when many home security systems nowadays are ‘connected’ to fit with the rest of the home. Even though a significant amount of ‘smart’ security products are w-fi enabled, many still require some form of wired connection, especially where a main hub is involved.
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There is also the issue of powering all component parts of a smart security system. This is especially relevant for cameras, as some locations where cameras are located maybe nowhere near an accessible power source. And without power, the cameras won’t work!
In the next few years the demand for IP security cameras is expected to rise considerably as old legacy equipment is finally replaced. This is a perfect opportunity to consider replacing the cable you use. After all, you’ll be replacing your old system with the ideal technology for your needs, so why not adopt the same approach for your cable?
Some systems use Power Over Ethernet (POE), which allows a single network cable to provide both data connection and electric power, and cuts down the cable requirements compared to the coaxial and power twin cables that have been conventionally used to provide power to the cameras where it is needed.
HDBaseT approved cables are the ideal choice for many smart security projects where POE is required. HDBaseT is the global standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, controls, and USB, over a single cable. Using HDBaseT approved cables eliminates cable clutter without compromising performance and high quality.

Webro Power Over Ethernet Cables

Our Webnet HDBaseT approved Cat5e and 6 cables are compliant with ISO/IEC 11801 ed 2.1 (2008) Class D, TIA 568.C.2, and ISO/IEC11801 standards. A range of sheath types, sheath colours and screening options are available, and our Webnet range also includes duct grade cables.Our Webnet HDBaseT approved cables are the ideal choice for high speed networks and POE, whether it be for home or commercial use.

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