RG59 Or URM70

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One question that we get asked from time to time is ‘RG59 or URM70?’. Both are very similar cables, so it’s quite understandable that this question would be asked.The similarities are obvious. Both cables have very similar sized conductors (if not identical), and both have a solid PE insulation, and a copper wire braid. Also, both RG59 and URM70 are 75Ohm cables.
But there is one notable difference. And it’s a very important one. RG59 has a solid conductor, whilst URM70 is a stranded cable. This difference affects the performance of the cable significantly.

RG59 Cable

rg59 or urm70, Webro RG59 Coax Cable
RG59 has a solid conductor. Solid cables such as RG59 transmit electrical signals better over longer distances than stranded ones such as URM70, and generally have lower attenuation, making them ideal for use on longer cable runs, especially outdoors.

URM70 Cable

rg59 or urm70, Webro URM70 Coax Cable
URM70 is a stranded cable. Stranded cables often have much greater flexibility, whereas cables with solid conductors are less flexible, and therefore less suited to applications that require frequent flexing and bending during installation and use. But cables with stranded conductors have higher attenuation rates, meaning they are not always such a good choice for longer runs.

RG59 Or URM70?

So, in a nutshell, RG59 and URM70 are almost identical cables, except for one very important thing. Whether you choose RG59 or URM70 will depend upon your need for flexibility and the length you need to run your cable for.
We stock a range of coaxial cables, including RG59 cable in both B/U and mini constructions, as well as BS2316-compliant URM70 cable. Contact 0115 9724483 or sales@webro.com for more information.

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