Smart Building Cable & PoE

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According to a recent survey of landlords, over half see smart technology as important in building management, and an important means to attract tenants to both domestic and commercial properties.
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Smart technology allows for local heating and cooling of rooms according to their occupancy and use, for example, but many different types of devices are IOT-enabled, and many can be configured to interact with one another.

So, smart buildings can only truly be smart if all systems are able to communicate with each other without barriers. One example is an access control system that can feed information through to the building’s lighting system, with the result that rooms are only lit when the building is occupied, or when a specific room is actually in use.

Smart building technology is clearly growing in popularity, but what cables do you need and how will all of these systems actually talk to one another?

Many smart building installations use KNX cables. KNX is the world’s only certification for the control of both commercial and domestic buildings, and because it is suitable for many different applications it makes the cabling network much simpler. KNX technology is ideal for many different smart building applications, including, heating, ventilation, lighting, intruder alarms and access control audio visual systems, household appliances, and blinds/solar control.

Power can also be an issue with smart buildings, as many devices can be situated some distance from a convenient power source, such as security cameras. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology lets network cables (such as Cat6a) carry power as well as data. PoE also provides aesthetic benefits in some cases as there are generally less cables visible where PoE is used.

Our range of smart building cables includes 1 and 2 pair KNX cables, as well as a range of lighting control cables including our Lutron equivalent cable. For PoE applications we stock a range of data cables including Cat5e, 6, and 6a cables. Our connectivity range includes cabinets, patch cords, patch panels, tools, and pre-terminated solutions for PoE installations, data centres, and telecoms rooms.

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