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Do you know your CAI-approved from your Class Cca? We stock a few different 100 type cables, but which one is the best for your needs?


 wf100 cable, wf100, webro wf100
Our flagship WF100 is both CAI-approved and CPR-compliant up to class Cca, meaning it can be installed in areas with a higher fire risk. WF100 has a solid plain copper conductor, foam PE dielectric, copper foil tape, and a plain copper wire braid. Available in either PVC, LSF, LSNH or UG (HDPE – High Density Polyethylene) sheath material and in a range of different colours.

Wf100 is also available in twin form, and as a 5 core cable plus earth for trunk and branch IRS systems.


 ct100 cable, ct100, webro ct100
CT100 is one of the UK’s most popular coaxial cables for TV and Satellite installations. Available in single and twin construction with PVC sheath up to CPR class Eca. This cable includes a 1.00mm bare copper conductor, cellular polyethylene dielectric, AL-PET shield, and a copper clad aluminium braid.


 hd100 cable, hd100, webro hd100
Our premium 100 type cable, HD100 is designed for use within wireless areas to give Class A+ shielding. HD100 cable consists of a 1.00mm solid plain copper conductor, foam polyethylene dielectric, copper foil tape, plain copper wire braid and a foil tape. HD100 is CPR-compliant to class Dca, and it’s also CAI-approved.


 ct100 cable, ct100, webro ct100
WCF100 cable is a variant of our WF100 for the cost-conscious, and consists of a 1.00mm plain annealed copper conductor, foam polyethylene dielectric, aluminium tape, tinned copper braid, with a PVC sheath. This cable is CAI-approved and CPR class Eca.


 rg6 cable, rg6 sdu, webro rg6 sdu
RG6 cable is suitable for low power video, broadband, transmitters, receivers, and radio. We offer standard RG6 cable from stock, plus RG6 SDU for single dwelling units, with a copper clad steel conductor, plus aluminium foil tape and an aluminium wire braid. RG6 SDU is CAI-approved and CPR-compliant to class Eca.

Our 100 type cables are available from stock for next-day delivery. For more information, contact us on 0115 9724483 or sales@webro.com

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