WEB 16/4 Speaker Cable 16awg 4core External Grade PE Black


This 16/4 external speaker cable delivers excellent sound quality using Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Conductors and is ideal for clipping around fences, up exterior walls or along roofs due to it's polyethylene, water and UV resistant outer sheath.

Using new production techniques it has a dry, water blocking fleece tape that’s wrapped around the core bundle. It only becomes active if moisture comes into contact with the tape, which then causes it to swell to form a blocking layer of gel. This immediately stops moisture migrating through cables, and enables the equipment that they’re connecting to function without interruption.

For the 2core, 16/2 version of the cable please click here

For Duct Grade versions please click here

More Information
Conductor Material Oxygen Free Bare Copper
AWG Size 16 AWG
Conductor Stranding 65/0.16mm
Insulation Material PVC
Number of Cores 4
Screening Type None
Sheath Material Polyethylene
Sheath Colour Black
CPR Classification Fca
Overall Diameter 7.4 mm
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