WEB TPFS 1pair 24awg Twisted Pair Foil Screened Low Smoke Non-Halogen (LSNH) Black


Webro TPFS (Twisted Pair Foil Screened) cable is suitable for transerfing both analogue and digital signals. The foamed PE insulation allows for precise signal transmission while keeping the cable small and flexible. The cable features a foil screen with 100% coverage around the twisted pair and it's bonded to the sheath which makes stripping the cable quick and easy. With a Low Smoke Non-Halogen (LSNH) sheath it is ideal for installations in public buildings.

More Information
Conductor Material Tinned Copper
AWG Size 24 AWG
Conductor Stranding 7/0.20mm
Insulation Material Foamed PE
Number of Pairs 1
Screening Type Overall Bonded Aluminium Foil
Sheath Material Low Smoke Non-Halogen
Sheath Colour Black
Flame Retardancy BS EN 60332-1-2
Low Smoke Emissions BS EN 61034-2
Halogen Gas Emissions BS EN 60754-1, BS EN 60754-2
CPR Classification Eca
Overall Diameter 4.0 mm
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