WEB 12/22 Red Stripe 1pair 22awg + 1pair 12awg + 1core 18awg Low Smoke Non-Halogen (LSNH) Blue with Red Stripe


WEB 12/22 White Stripe has been designed for use on Lutron lighting control systems. This cable features 1pair of 22awg screened for data and 2cores of 12awg unscreened for power and a further 1core 18awg for power. The cable is Low Smoke Non-Halogen (LSNH) throughout and has a distictive white stripe down the jacket for easy identification. 

Packed on bulk drum lengths and cut to specific lengths to reduce your wastage.

More Information
Alternative to Lutron GRX-CBL-46L
Conductor Material Bare Copper
AWG Size 12 AWG
Insulation Material PE
Number of Cores 3
Number of Pairs 1
Screening Type Overall Foil Screened Pair
Sheath Material Low Smoke Non-Halogen
Sheath Colour Blue with White Stripe
Flame Retardancy BS EN 60332-1-2
Low Smoke Emissions BS EN 61034-2
Halogen Gas Emissions BS EN 60754-1, BS EN 60754-2
CPR Classification Eca
Overall Diameter 8.0 mm
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