5 Things That Cause Fibre-Optic Cable Damage

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It doesn’t matter how much planning goes into the installation of fibre cables that are part of your network. Nor does it matter how strong the cables you use are. Sometimes cables will break and need replacing.

Even though you can reduce the chances of breakage by selecting the right cable and installing it correctly, sometimes factors beyond your control come in to play. Here are a few notable causes;
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Many of us know that rodents have a particular knack for chewing through cables, but do you know that sharks, bears, and monkeys have all been blamed for damaging fibre-optic cables in the past?


Tall vehicles, such as buses, and construction plant certainly have certainly damaged fibre cables in the past, whether fixed aerially or buried underground.


Some people have dug up fibre cable thinking it has metal content, and can be resold like copper, and some just like to destroy things. Either way vandalism has been the downfall of some fibre cabling in the past.

Acts of God

Strictly speaking, an ‘act of god’ is a term used to describe an event that is without human intervention and cannot reasonably be prevented. Well protected networks are designed to deal with all manner of weather conditions, such as rain, snow, ice and wind. However, truly freak weather or natural disasters can cause significant damage to fibre-optic cable networks, which has the unfortunate effect of reducing connectivity at a time when it is most needed. Even when fibre cables are buried securely, landslides and heavy rain can then expose them to the elements thereby risking possible damage.

The Strange

From ship anchors to small planes. Sometimes you just can’t plan for damage to fibre cables, and doubtless the people involved couldn’t do it again even if they tried. Sometimes it’s best to replace the cable and move on.

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