5G Networks-Cables & Connectivity for Superfast Broadband

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The new 5G networks launched in the UK at the end of May, and it is likely that as many as 25 UK locations will receive some sort of coverage by the end of 2019.
 5g networks, 5g fibre

5G Networks

5G networks have been called the ‘next-generation standard for wireless communications’ and are intended to deliver increased capacity, lower latency, and faster speeds, which is essential with the growth of ‘connected’ devices in an Internet of Things future.
The expansion of 5G networks obviously needs infrastructure suitable for the job. The Webro fibre range includes cables, connectors, enclosures, installation kits, and accessories, including products from Corning, KeyFibre, and Telenco Networks.
We are also part of the Authorised Distributor Programme for Corning Carrier Networks UK and Ireland, giving us access to Corning’s large range of indoor and outdoor fibre cables, closures, and fibre accessories.

5G Networks Cables

 5g networks, 5g fibre, tight buffered fibre
Webro backbone fibre cables are available up to 912 fibres in a range of constructions and sheath types, with armoured versions also available. We also stock G657A.1 standard cables from 2-12 fibres for ‘last drop’ applications in FTTX networks, including MDIC, CTAC, DAC, and DDAC cables.

5G Networks Enclosures

 5g networks, 5g fibre, 5g enclosures, 5g Corning
Included in our range of Corning products are the new IP68-rated Optisheath Multipurpose Enclosures, providing sealed environmental protection and fast, easy incremental connection of subscriber drop cables while increasing deployment speed. The MPE sealed terminal has the added advantage of serving as a splice point where higher fibre count distribution cables can be branched to lower fibre count cables or to the stubbed cables of multiport terminals.
These closures can be deployed in underground chambers, wall mounted on buildings, direct buried, or aerially installed on poles or messenger wires, and can accommodate up to 16 ports with a maximum capacity of 144 fibres. Additional capacity can easily be installed by adding splitter trays and connecting the outputs to the spare ports.
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