Meet The Team - John Pindar

Meet The Team - John Pindar
20 May 2024
Meet The Team - John Pindar

What's Your Role At Webro?
Marketing Manager 

How many years have you been in the cable industry? 
8 years for me. Still feel like a novice in terms of cable knowledge, compared to some of my colleagues.

What made you choose marketing as a career path? 
I didn’t initially. I was working in payroll, and an entry-level marketing role came up where I was working at the time. I fancied marketing more than payroll, and sixteen years, and one CIM Diploma later, here I am. Looks like it might have been the right choice.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 
Aside from the obvious, such as playing right-back for Leeds, I wanted to do something where I could write things, like journalism.
What’s the best thing about working at Webro? 
The humour. Days aren’t usually dull when you work at Webro HQ.
What’s your favourite holiday destination? 
Iceland, I've been twice. The first time I went to accompany my wife who wanted to see the Northern Lights. We didn't see them, but liked it so much we went again, the scenery is beautiful, Gullfoss waterfall in particular is awe-inspiring. Happy to report we saw the Northern Lights the 2nd time! Quite enjoy hot weather holidays and sitting by the pool though.
Any pets? 
One dog, called Bella. The kids take great delight in telling everyone we have a Shih-tzu, albeit with a massive pause between the two syllables!
Favourite sports team? 
Leeds United and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
What 3 words that best describe you? 
Reliable, honest, hard-working.
What would you do if you won big on the Lottery? 
Obviously we’d help out those close to us. Anything after that would depend upon how ‘big’ the win actually was. Charity, holidays, all the obvious stuff, maybe even a stake in Leeds!
What’s your favourite food? 
There's very little I don't like, but you can't beat a decent curry.
What annoys you more than anything else? 
Unfairness, and having my time wasted for no reason.
What superpower would you like to have? 
Telepathy would be cool.
What’s your favourite film, and why?
Probably Goodfellas. 
What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
Spend time with my family. We all lead busy lives, so it doesn't happen often enough.
Who’s your favourite band/singer? 
My musical tastes are rather varied, so it’s difficult to pick just one. Today it's Busta Rhymes. Ask me again tomorrow, and you’d probably get a different answer, and possibly a completely different type of music too!
What’s your ‘go to’ karaoke song? 
There's no chance I'd do Karaoke. And if you heard me sing, you'd probably be grateful for that!
Who would you swap places with for a day, and why? 
Why would I want to swap places with anyone else?
What was your favourite subject at school, and why? 
English, I think. Reading and writing were always things I enjoyed and was good at. Which probably goes some way to explaining my career in marketing. 
Who would be your desert island companion of choice? 
My wife, Natalie. Although being trapped on a desert island with me is probably her version of hell!
What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given? 
Try to avoid desert islands if you can.
What's your favourite cable? 
7-2-2C. That is the cable for me.


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