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There is still some uncertainty about the BS7671 IET wiring regulations and how this relates to the installation of cable.
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In July 2018, the 18th Edition of BS7671 was published. The 18th edition comes in to force from January 2019, so it is important to understand what is new.
It appears that the 18th Edition of BS7671 covers a wider scope than the previous edition. It makes particular mention that cables should not be solely supported by plastic clips. Instead metal clips should be the main fixing, with plastic clips for additional support, with some recommending that metal clips be exclusively used where fire performance cables need to be supported.
The latest edition of BS7671 also mentions the use of cable trays (or equivalent), especially for larger cables and bundles of cables. The use of metal fixings and cable trays is designed to make it easier to comply with another change in BS7671, that being the issue of unobstructed access.
The 18th Edition of BS7671 mentions both escape AND access points to a building, and that these should be unobstructed in a fire situation. Previous editions only referred to escape routes. The use of metal fixings and cable trays is designed to reduce the risk of loose cables causing an obstruction in fire situations.
The above ties in with the recommendation from the BS6701 standard that for new installations, cable complying with Euroclass Cca:S1b:d2:a2 (or higher) be used. The guidance for cables that do not comply is that they must be terminated outside the building’s external fire barrier, or terminated no more than 2m from the point of internal penetration of the external fire barrier.
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