BSI Brexit Standards Update

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The UK is now in a transition period following its exit from the EU on January 31st 2020. But what does this means for cable standards, both during the transition period and beyond?

At present, the rules and obligations of EU membership are now in effect, and will remain so until the end of 2020. British representation (via the BSI) on the CEN and CENELEC committees (for European Standardisation) will also continue until the end of 2020, and proposals are being discussed to extend this through 2021.

The BSI has published a Brexit update video on their website about the current standards.
bsi brexit update
After the transition period ends, as things stand there is no real clarity about what will replace the current system. The BSI anticipate that ‘Government practice in using voluntary standards to support regulation will not change’ and ‘should industry standards be needed to underpin new laws, they will represent international best practice’.
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