Do You Know Your YY From Your SY?

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When it comes to Control Flexes, do you know your YY from your SY?

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Multicore signal and control cables such as YY are designed to be used as an interconnecting cables for measuring, controlling or regulation in control equipment where tasks are automated, such as conveyors on assembly or production lines, as well as for computer units.
But there are different types of control cable depending upon what the cable will be used for, and what environment it will be used in.

YY Cable

YY cable is a multicore cable with copper conductor, PVC insulation and PVC sheath, These cables are flexible, making for relatively easy installation.

SY Cable

For more challenging applications such as assembly and production lines, SY cables have a galvanized steel wire braid over the PVC sheath, plus a second transparent PVC sheath over the braid. SY cables have very little UV-resistance, so are not recommended for external use.

CY Cable

In applications where a greater deal of circuit integrity is required, CY cable can be used to provide relatively interference-free transmission. CY cables include a tinned copper wire braid, to provide protection from both electromagnetic influences and mechanical stress.

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