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Corning have announced that their EDGE & EDGE8 trunks <30m are now shipped with more environmentally friendly packaging.
 corning edge trunks
All EDGE & EDGE8 trunks now ship with up to 60% smaller cardboard packaging and bio-degradable bags. The new bags are stackable and compact, and open from the side. They can be opened without tools, saving up to 50% unboxing time. The new packaging will ship with all EDGE and EDGE 8 trunks under 30m from 12-144F, and the shelf-ready packaging includes a QR code.
As well as the EDGE & EDGE8 ranges, we are part of the Corning Carrier Networks UK & Ireland Authorised Distributor Programme, which gives us access to Corning’s large range of FTTH solutions as well as connectors for cable television and broadband communications systems.
For more information, contact us on 0115 9724483 or

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