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We have mentioned the CPR regulations and their introduction in quite a few previous posts. But now, CPR (just as people have got to grips with it) is due to become UKCA.


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It isn’t that long until the end of the current 1 year transition period, where CE-marked cables can still be sold in the UK. This is due to end on 31st December 2021, and all relevant cable products sold from 1st January 2021 onwards must carry the UKCA mark.

On the face of it, the change from CE marking to UKCA appears to be a simple name change. The bad news is that this simple name change is actually anything but simple, and will have quite a profound impact in practical terms.

CPR to UKCA-Brexit

The reason? Brexit. The result of the negotiations surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU mean that the CE mark can no longer be used in the UK, and so this has been replaced by the UKCA mark. The UK scheme is (initially at least) a mirror of the current CPR scheme, with testing and Declarations of Performance (DoP) remaining the same, and all EN standards becoming UKCA standards.

CPR to UKCA-What Will Change?

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So, if everything is the same, what will actually change? The cable must still be assessed for conformity by a notified body, in much the same way as a CE-marked cable needs to, and a DoP will still be needed.

Do not assume that an EU notified body will just transfer over to become a UKCA approved body though.  Whilst the UK government is aiming for a smooth transition from EU notified body to UKCA approved body, it is not guaranteed. Also, a UKCA approved body must be based in the UK. For cables that are to be sold in both the UK and EU, it is possible that more than one DoP may be required. And, just to complicate things further, Northern Ireland is likely to continue to recognise the CE mark.

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