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Category 6a cable received a great deal of attention on its introduction in 2005, and then promptly sank without trace. Initial adoption was very slow due to reasons of cost, installation, and power consumption. But what’s changed?

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Newer Category 6a cables are much smaller than their 2005 counterparts, and only slightly larger than a conventional Cat6 cable. Their reduced size and weight makes installation easier. Added to this is the fact that the newer Category 6a cables consume less power than their predecessors from 2005, making them a much more enticing prospect than they were previously, and much less costly to install and run than they used to be.
However, things are beginning to change. The need to transfer ever larger file sizes and types, for such applications as CCTV video, medical images, and higher quality graphics, means that using inadequate cabling can harm productivity. Emerging applications such as next generation wi-fi, and the new power over ethernet (POE) standards , will finally stop Category 5e cable from being able to keep up. In new installations Category 6a cabling will certainly be the best solution, otherwise those installing Category 6 will find themselves in a very similar position much sooner than those who chose Category 6a.

Webro Category 6a Cable

Our range of category cables includes Cat6a cable versions compliant with ISO/IEC 11801 ed 2.1 (2008) Class D, TIA 568.C.2, and ISO/IEC11801 standards. Our Category 6a cables are suitable for use on Local Area Network (LAN) solutions, and are available as solid conductor for horizontal cabling and stranded for patch/work area environments. Our Category 6a cables are available in unscreened (U/UTP) or foil screened (F/UTP) versions, with a variety of sheath colours and types, including LSZH.
As with the vast majority of Webro cabling and connectivity products, our Category 6a cable is usually available from stock for next-day delivery.

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