HD100 & WF65 CAI Approved Again!

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Our WF65 Sky twin cable is CAI-approved once again, along with our HD100 triple-screened premium coax.
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Both cables have been re-certified against the required specifications for CAI-approval, meaning you can be certain that they meet standards for the technical performance of coaxial cable, based on the specific requirements for satisfactory reception and network distribution of signals from terrestrial or satellite transmissions.

WF65 Sky twin cable has a figure 8 (shotgun) construction, and consists of two 0.65mm solid plain copper conductors, foam PE dielectric, aluminium foil tape, and tinned copper wire braid. WF65 Sky twin is available up to CPR class Eca with black, white, or brown PVC sheath.

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HD100 ultra coax cable is triple-screened, and ideal for applications where additional screening protection against external interference is required. It is 4K-ready, and consists of a 1.00mm solid plain copper conductor, and foam polyethylene dielectric. HD100 has three screens, copper foil tape, plain copper wire braid and a foil tape. HD100 is sheathed overall in black, white, or brown LSNH, and is available up to CPR class Dca.

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For more information, including technical specifications, contact us on 0115 9724483 or sales@webro.com

Further details on the CAI-certification scheme can be found here.

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