Marine Cable

We offer a range of marine cable, including the MarineSafe Category Cable. Available in Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 varieties, All are available in S/FTP versions, with the Cat6a cable in a U/FTP alternative. All cables in the range have solid copper cores, foamed PE insulation, and an enhanced LSHF sheath, and are designed and manufactured to the appropriate requirements of the structured wiring & cabling standards. Our range of marine cable includes;

  • Cat6 S/FTP
  • Cat6a S/FTP
  • Cat6a U/FTP
  • Cat7 S/FTP

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    Available in Cat6 (S/FTP), Cat6a (S/FTP and U/FTP), and Cat7 (S/FTP), the MarineSafe category cable range are premium grade compact communications cables. The cables are designed and manufactured to conform to all necessary requirements of the structured cabling standards use in marine environments, and are acceptable for installation on a vessel classed with Lloyd’s Register.

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    Most Webro cables are available from stock for next-day delivery. Contact our sales team now for information on delivery of the MarineSafe range.