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Whilst the rules surrounding the CPR regulations are changing, the need for cables that can be used in high fire safety environments has not gone away. Installers will still need class Cca cable (or higher) for use in locations that have a high fire risk, such as flats and hotels.
 class Cca cable, class Cca WF100

Our range of CPR-compliant cables includes our CAI-approved WF100 cable, approved to CPR class Cca, ideal for high fire risk installations. For smart home and building automation use we also stock KNX cable to CPR class Cca standard.
Altogether, we have access to over 1300 products at Cca or B2ca standard, suitable for a wide range of applications. The Webro range includes cables at Cca and B2ca standard for; fibre (up to 288F), screened and unscreened data cables up to Cat8, telecom cables, home automation cable, TV & satellite coaxials, and flexes.
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