Working Sustainably Because We Care

As a responsible distributor our sights are set firmly on conducting our business in the most sustainable way.

We’re driving this continuously with proactive leadership, full investment, and positive action to deliver effective outcomes. In direct partnership with our customers, suppliers, and users, we’re working collectively to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions.

Our suppliers

At Webro, we work diligently to create a sustainable supply chain. We aim to maximise supplier logistics to control our carbon footprint.

New product development and introductions involve meticulous ESG considerations such as factory location, efficiency, material choice, packaging, and transport.

Our working environment

We’re continually looking for new and innovative ways to remove carbon from our operation. From solar panels to electric vehicles our aim is to create healthier, more sustainable working environments for all.

Our quality credentials

At Webro, we’re committed to upholding the highest quality and safety standards. We are proud to be ISO-accredited, and verified as an Alcumus Safe Supplier

We have a dedicated, experienced QHSE Manager who helps drive our approval process for ISO across the whole business, including quality, health & safety, governance, social consideration, and environmental matters.

Environmental targets

As an ISO14001:2015 certified distributor, Webro is audited each year by ISO assessors to evaluate EMS management targets and their effective compliance with business goals.

We set key environmental targets each year to ensure continuous development. As a distributor our emissions are mainly Scope 3.

Our most recent targets include:

  • Installation of 480 Solar Panels on our Vision House warehouse rooftop to help reduce grid electricity usage and total Scope 2 emissions.
  • Reduction in internal combustion vehicles, moving towards a fully electric car and commercial van fleet.
  • Changeover to low voltage LED lighting.
  • Introduction of a zero-to-landfill waste stream with up to 99% being recyclable.
  • Reduction of non-recyclable plastic waste from packaging.
  • Recycling of obsolete cables to re-feed the supply chain and reduce e-waste.
How we measure

Webro employs a dedicated Carbon Planner software tool to ensure reliably accurate sustainability reporting. Calculated data is used for all scope emissions, recording business travel, business vehicles, employee commuting, freight, energy, materials, purchases, waste disposal, and water usage.

All emissions data is verified by external third party auditors.


Webro has a team of three directors assigned to the board. This executive team has a combined experience of 65 years in the cable and connectivity industry, in both manufacturing and distribution capacities. They are actively involved in the day-to-day running of Webro, with responsibilities shared across finance, operations, sales, marketing, technical, and quality. 

Webro’s QHSE Manager guides the environmental project, whilst the Managing Director and Sales Director direct the governance and social policies.

Continuous improvement

Moving forward, the plan is to further develop our strategy towards achieving ambitious sustainability targets. Webro is currently working towards the implementation of PAS 2060:2014 the standard for carbon neutrality. This runs alongside the Scope 3 emissions data, working with suppliers to make on-going improvements, from the elimination of non-recyclable materials in packaging, to end-of-life product recycling.

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