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As EU members, the UK was permitted to add a European mark (known as the CE mark) that applied to all goods sold in Europe, including cable. Following Brexit, this has now changed.

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After Brexit, and the UK’s departure from the EU, we are no longer authorised to use the CE mark, apart from a transition time of 12 months, which expires 01/01/22. During 2021, we must start using the new UKCA mark on all products, with the exception of Ireland where either the CE mark or the Northern Ireland mark may be used. After this date, all products installed/purchased within the UK must carry the new UKCA mark. This applies to all CPR classifications.

This change presents challenges for both users and suppliers. For example, products tested in the UK achieving the UKCA mark lose the right to display the EU CE mark, and vice versa. Users will have to ensure the correctly labelled product is used for installation in a particular location. Most likely this will mean retesting of products, at additional costs.

We will continue to provide updates as product testing is completed. For more information, contact us on 0115 9724483 or

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