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NDAA-compliance isn’t just an American thing. It can also affect the security industry in the UK too.
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The National Defence Authorisation Act effectively bans US government agencies from using video surveillance and telecommunications equipment manufactured by some vendors in order to mitigate certain cyber-security problems.
But it’s not just important in the US. The global nature of business today means that it can also affect the UK security industry, as US companies often choose to do business only with those companies that can demonstrate NDAA-compliance. Indeed, the UK government has placed the use of some well-known brands of security cameras under increased scrutiny.
If you need more information about NDAA-compliance, what it means for you, and how you can achieve it, book a place on one of the Webro and Norden Roadshow Seminars taking place in July in a number of locations:

  • 13th July – Premier Inn, Bury
  • 14th July – Premier Inn, Stoke
  • 20th July – Premier Inn, Cardiff
  • 21st July – Premier Inn, Heathrow

We’re running two sessions each day, 8.30 to 10.00am, and 12.00 to 14.30pm, and joining one means you’ll get our assistance in gaining full NDAA-compliance, the latest in AI and analytics, and our first-class support.  Plus you’ll get much more information about the Eyenor CCTV range. See you there!
Need more information? Contact us on 0115 9724483 or

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