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We now stock our WF100 cable to the Cca s1a, d2, a1 standard required by the BS6701 regulations.

 wf100 cable cca s1b d2 a2

Why is this significant?

Since the publication of BS6701:2016+A1:2017 manufacturers and distributors alike have toiled to meet the CPR guidelines contained within it. We’re now proud to confirm that WF100 meets the CPR requirement, and indeed in many cases exceeds it.

What does this mean for the specifier and installer?

It now means that if you’re specifying a coaxial cable for satellite TV or any other appropriate application, and you require the cable to meet the CPR classification required in BS6701:2016+A1:2017, you now have a product that you can use with confidence and peace of mind.

How and why did we do it?

We strive continuously to innovate and improve all Webro products. To this end we’ve seen a growing need for a WF100 cable that’s LSNH, and that meets the BS6701:2016+A1:2017 publication. Working closely with our manufacturing partner, we enhanced materials and advanced construction methods to create the right solution. Throughout the development we ensured that the product still met the crucial CAI performance parameters, and remained easy to install.

Initial market feedback to the new improved WF100 cable has been incredibly positive. First and foremost, customers are delighted that they now have a product that meets all their requirements – from flame retardance to electrical performance.

What about UKCA?

Since the UK withdrew from the EU, we’ve been extremely busy making sure that where applicable, our products are UKCA marked. This has been achieved by investing significantly in extensive testing in the UK by an Approved Body. Consequently, we’re proud to say that the WF100 LSNH cable has been independently tested by BASEC. As a result, we can supply a UKCA Declaration of Performance (DoP) whenever it’s required.

Do you have any other products that meet the requirements of BS6701:2016+A1:2017?

Yes, we have many other products that meet at least Cca s1b, d2, a2 – including Ethernet, Alarm, Speaker, KNX and Fibre cables to name just a few, and the list continues to grow.

View the Higher CPR-Compliance WF100 Datasheet

To find out more about the improved WF100 LSNH Higher CPR Class cable, please talk to us on 0115 972 4483 or

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