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Aerial fibre cables are a very useful option for some FTTx installations, and can sometimes be easier and cheaper to install.
aerial fibre, adss cable
As the name suggests, aerial fibre is fibre cable that is installed overhead, either suspended from poles or pylons, or attached to buildings. Some cables use metal messenger wire, whilst others are completely self-supporting and metal-free.
Using aerial cables usually takes away the need to dig up roads. This usually makes installations cheaper, especially in urban environments. Aerial fibre cables are therefore a cost-effective and logical choice for ‘last-drop’ fibre installations in towns and cities, where drilling into substances like tarmac can be very expensive.
However, aerial cable is exposed to far more factors that have the potential to damage it, such as wind, temperature, birds, and others. Obviously, most of these problems are prevented when a cable is buried.
We stock a number of different types of aerial fibre cables, including ADSS and ribbon fibre, as well as closures, cabinets, splicers & other accessories. Our range also includes products from Corning, Telenco Networks, and Molex.
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