Meet The Team - Anne Gummerson

Meet The Team - Anne Gummerson
12 January 2024
Meet The Team - Anne Gummerson

What's Your Role At Webro?
Sales Executive - North.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 
A hairdresser.
What’s the best thing about working at Webro? 
My customers, I have some of the nicest customers who make my working day a pleasure, I have met some amazing people in this industry many of which I am proud to call friends.
Any pets? 
I currently have a Black & White Border Collie called Cooper, named after Leeds United Legend Terry Cooper.
Favourite sports team? 
Football - Leeds Leeds Leeds,  MOT. In Rugby League Castleford Tigers, COYF!
What 3 words that best describe you? 
Loud, loyal, opinionated!
What would you do if you won big on the Lottery? 
Buy LUFC or Cas Tigers if it were a big enough win LOL! But more realistically I would look after the family, buy a nice home in the Lakes, and adopt as many rescue dogs as my new home could accommodate!
What’s your favourite food? 
Yorkshire Puddings of course!
What annoys you more than anything else? 
Rude people. People who do not have any manners, please and thank you costs you nothing!!
What superpower would you like to have? 
Telepathy / mind control. 
What’s your favourite film, and why?
So, I Married an Axe Murderer, the premise of this film is rubbish but the one liners in it are fantastic. I could probably recite the whole film word for word!
What do you like to do when you’re not working? 
Watching Super Leeds and Cas Tigers, although I do not get to the games as much as I would like. I also love swimming and reading. I read over 150 books this year as part of the Goodreads challenge, target is 200 for 2024! 
Who’s your favourite band/singer? 
Hard one, I love a wide variety of music genres, so If I can only pick one then, Arctic Monkeys.
What’s your ‘go to’ karaoke song? 
Never Forget –  A Take That Classic!
Who would you swap places with for a day, and why? 
Kalvin Phillips – I want to see if he is as bored as he looks on the City bench!
What was your favourite subject at school, and why? 
Drama, this was the only subject at School I liked probably due to all the theatre trips out.
Who would be your desert island companion of choice? 
Bob Mortimer – not sure about his survival skills but we would have a great laugh.
What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given? 
Listen more, speak less – I’m still working on this! 
What's your favourite cable? 
SY Control Cable – Flexible control cable with GSWB for mechanical protection, generally used for instrumentation and control equipment and available in a wide range of conductor sizes and core configurations.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? 
This year marks 29 Years since I joined the cable industry, one of the best decisions I have ever made, once you're in you're in!


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